The relevance of modernization of the federal highway M-4 "Don" today is due not so much to the need to accelerate road communication between the regions, but to the economic development of the Rostov region and the South of Russia.

Currently, the company “Donaerodorstroy” is implementing an infrastructure project on the M-4 “Don” highway, located within the borders of the Don Territory.

The reconstruction of the third stage of the bypass of the city of Aksai (km 1024 - km 1036) is being conducted at a faster pace. And with the beginning of the new building season, our road workers began to modernize the Don highway from km 1072 to km 1091 (stages I and II).

As part of the work at the first stage of bypassing the city with a population of one million people, the company's specialists at pickets 10864 - 10893 performed a temporary broadening device, cut the old asphalt concrete pavement by cold milling, and dismantled the existing road surface (PC 10864-PC 10889).

Now, an active pace is being made of the subgrade of sand.

At the second stage of the reconstruction of the federal highway, work was done on the device for temporary broadening of the highway on the right side from PC 10790 to PC 10821.

At the same time, road builders are arranging a ditch on a temporary bypass road at kilometer 1084 (on the left).

Also, the plant layer is removed for the temporary broadening device from PC 10770 to PC 10798 (right).

These days, about 50 of our specialists are at the reconstruction site. A fleet of vehicles at the facility is 5 excavators, 4 bulldozers, 5 soil rollers, 1 loader, 4 motor graders and 10 dump trucks.

Moreover, as part of the first and second stages of the construction of the Aksay bypass, it is planned to arrange support for the overpass at 1,083 kilometers, which will pass over the existing Salskoye Koltso roundabout, which will become part of the M-4 Don main turn.

The new interchange will allow eliminating multi-kilometer traffic jams that occur in the summer on this segment of the M-4 highway, which significantly reduces the throughput of the entire road. In the summer, the daily intensity here reaches 100 thousand cars. After the start of movement along it, transit and regional flows will be separated. Transport that moves from Rostov-on-Don to Bataysk, Stavropol and vice versa will travel safely and comfortably to the regional network. The designers laid the congress towards the South entrance of Rostov-on-Don, and for the transit transport the main passage M-4 was allocated.

For the period of the main work on this section of the road, a device for temporary additional lanes is provided to ensure movement in 4 lanes.