Infectious diseases, including new ones, constitute a threat to the development of mankind, as they can lead to serious socio-economic consequences on a global scale.

Recent events affecting our country, dictate to all of us to observe a certain set of measures to protect against epidemic not only our own homes, public spaces, but also jobs.

The company "Donaerodorstroy" refers to continuously operating organizations engaged in activities in the field of road facilities, including construction, repair, reconstruction of roads and artificial structures.

Fulfilling all the obligations and agreements made under the concluded contracts, the specialists of our company continue to work successfully in the remote mode and are directly at the road objects of construction, reconstruction and maintenance.

In this case, we are talking about working in the context of measures taken to combat the spread of coronavirus infection and establishing a special mode of operation at road facilities.

On the example of the Donaerodorstroy company, the building is disinfected at infrastructure facilities of construction and maintenance, at asphalt concrete plants and in offices.

At the entrance to the buildings, it is possible to treat hands with antiseptics, high-quality cleaning of all rooms is carried out with virucidal disinfectants, bactericidal lamps are installed.

As for the work on the objects themselves, every day before the start of the working day at the construction bases of the company, the general condition of each employee is checked by a medical worker, body temperature is strictly monitored.

In addition, each unit of construction and road equipment is treated with a special disinfectant solution using the aerosol method.

Also, in the territories of working camps located in the Rostov and Volgograd regions, the Krasnodar Territory and other places where our company employees work, the disinfection of living quarters, trailers and control rooms is carefully carried out.