The implementation of one of the key infrastructural transport projects for the south of the country, a road bypass of the hero city of Volgograd, continues uninterruptedly today with the direct participation of the specialists of Donaerodorstroy.

On busy April days of 2020, the road workers of our company, without slowing down, carry out work on removing the vegetation layer, filling the subgrade, erecting the subgrade with the layout of the slopes of the embankment, moistening the subgrade, surveying, erecting the supports of artificial structures. The work is carried out with the mandatory observance of measures in the framework of the fight against coronavirus infection and its prevention.

Until the end of 2024, in the south of the megalopolis, as part of the first stage of the project, twelve-odd kilometers of a new highway, three transport interchanges, and an almost 1.5 km bridge across the Volga-Don Shipping Canal will be built.

Bypassing Volgograd is of key importance for Russia: several federal highways converge here that are part of Eurasian routes, and without its implementation, the North-South transport corridor and the development of a large Caspian region cannot be fully operational.


The name is “Construction and reconstruction of sections of the R-22 Caspian highway” the M-4 “Don” highway - Tambov – Volgograd – Astrakhan. Construction of the R-22 “Caspian” highway, the M-4 “Don” highway - Tambov-Volgograd-Astrakhan on the bypass section of the city of Volgograd, Volgograd Region. ”

The length of the first stage is 12.144 km.
Estimated speed -120 km / h.
Lanes - 4.
The width of the lanes is 3.75 m.
The width of the dividing strip is 5.0 m.
The width of the subgrade is 27.5 m.
Curb width - 3.75 m.
Transport interchanges - 3.
Bridges - 1.