The JSC «Donaerodorstroy»

The JSC «Donaerodorstroy» is one of the biggest construction companies in the South of Russia. Its main specialization is complex building of paved roads with concrete cement and asphalt cement coverings, aerodrome coverings and hydro technical facilities.


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The JSC "Donaerodorstroy" started its activity in 1956 with the establishment of the Construction Administration N15 of Glavdorstroy at the USSR Ministry of Transport Construction.
The administration was manned with military people from the 8th Road building division. It was symbolic that people who took part in the WW2 became peaceful creators: they were building roads for agricultural purposes in the grapes growing and fruit growing state farms areas as well as automobile roads networks in Rostov region.

The administration consisted of 7 building divisions, 4 lorry fleets and a number of repair/maintenance workshops.

In 1960-70s the administration was expanding its activity. Due to the construction of state automobile roads Moscow-Volgograd and Moscow-Kharkov-Simferopol 3 biggest building divisions and 2 motor fleets were transferred to Volgograd and Kharkov regions.

It was at that time that the Administration changed its name to “Dondorstroy”.

First it dealt with the building of runaways, and this fact is reflected in the present name of the company. For the years of its work the company has built airports in Rostov-on-Don, Volgograd, Taganrog, Volgodonsk.

Later the company resumed its road-building activity. The trust has built the automobile roads Rostov-Novocherkassk, Moscow-Volgograd, Moscow-Kharkov-Simferopol, west and east bypass roads in Rostov-on-Don, transport junctions and networks of internal roads in Volgograd and Rostov regions, streets and squares in Rostov-on-Don, Bataisk, Volgograd.

In 1992, during the economy restructuring in the country the trust became a joint stock company of open type “Donaerodorstroy”.



The mobile asphalt concrete mixing plants, covered bitumen storage places with electric heating, insulated bunkers, asphalt pavers with the automatic vertical marking system – are only a few of the items of technological equipment at the company’s disposal."Donaerodorstroy" has the following available:


modern production centres;


stationary and mobile asphalt concrete mixing plants;


concrete producing plants


approach railway lines


certified laboratories


high capacity bitumen storage places;

In road and aerodrome construction the company is using the technologies of preparation and laying high-strength cement concrete, and concrete-bound pavements. Materials like asphalt concrete, modified bitumen and activated powders are widely used in these technologies.

The company has both domestic and foreign high capacity machinery which is capable of performing earthwork of 2 million cubic metres a year. The total capacity of the asphalt concrete mixing plants allows the company to produce up to 400,000 asphalt concrete a year, and the machinery available enables the company to lay pavements of the volume produced.

Today thanks to its technical equipment and modern technologies the company can construct and reconstruct automobile roads of the 1st category of difficulty, with the total length 100 km per year.


The developed transport infrastructure is the main asset of economic growth of every state. Understanding this economic goal, the company “Donaerodorstroy” has always tried to solve the tasks on contributing to the country’s development.

Since the middle of the 1990s the company has put in operation 300 km of roads of both regional and federal importance: Rostov-Taganrog- the border with Ukraine, Moscow-Volgograd-Astrakhan, Rostov-Baku, motor road “Kaspiy”, the bridge cross-over on the river “Don”, Gorodovikovsk-Chapayevskoye (Kalmyk republic).

The federal motorway M-4 “Don” is an essential part of international transport corridors and the main North-South road in Russia. Its modernization and reconstruction are a special priority of the company’s top management. In recent years the company has built and reconstructed over 100 km of automobile roads.



All projects mentioned above wouldn’t have been built if the company didn’t have the people whose labour and effort have created the history of the company.

It’s very indicative that the company has family dynasties of specialists on its staff which allows to pass its road building experience from generation to generation.

For the years of the company’s work which has always made a very significant contribution in the country’s economy, dozens of its employees were awarded honorary titles like

“Honoured builder of RF”

“Honoured transport builder”

“Honoured economist”